Summer Jam Fest Challenge June 1st &/or 2nd, 2019

Syracuse, New York – June 1st &/or 2nd, 2019

Who: Boys Grade 3rd – 11th 
          Girls Grade 4th – 11th
What: Challenge is NOT A TOURNAMENT, but as series of games against teams at your grade or teams age (unless your team request to play up).  There are no awards presented to any team as this is not a tournament.  JUST GAMES.
Where: Syracuse, NY
When: June 1st/or 2nd, 2019
1 Day- 2 games- $230, 3 games- $340    
2 Day- 3 games- $320, 4 games- $385
Registration deadline: May 26th, 2019 @ Midnight.

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